No Pain, No Gain

The evidence, both actual and anecdotal, started as a trickle, lately has seemed like a flood. I know, it’s been the case since the dawn of time: each generation of adults laments the laziness and softness of each new generation of kids, saying stuff like: “Why, there, you whippersnapper, in my day I walked threeRead More

Comedy of Remarriage: Romcoms of Yesterday

These days, in Hollywood, the romantic comedy, aka “romcom,” is mostly about people hovering around the age of thirty who haven’t “hooked up” yet. And since they tend to be written by men and women around that age, the hijinks can be pretty sophomoric, jejeune, and– well, from my POV, downright dull. The verbal interplay:Read More

Damaged or Delighted?

Why broken bones can be a good thing for a kid.You know the world’s going to hell in a hand-basket when you can’t even sit at the park, trying to drown out the cacophony of your ennui by listening to your iPod in peace while your kid rides her bike. One minute I’m feeling oldRead More

7 Tips for a Successful Marriage

Wondering if you have what it takes to make marriage work? Patricia and Gregory Kuhlman of Marriage Success Training have dedicated their lives to helping couples get on the right track. Keep reading for their top tips on keeping your marriage together. Q: Are there basic, common elements to every successful marriage? A: In happy,Read More

6 Tips for Choosing an Atlanta HVAC Contractor

Hearing that you need to replace a central ac system is bad enough, but knowing that you now have to go find and learn how to choose an HVAC contractor can be very stressful when its hot and humid outside your Atlanta home! Like any other business, the home HVAC replacement market has its shareRead More

Stamina Electronic Stepper

If you’re looking for a first rate cardio workout machine that takes up almost no room at all, this great little electronic stepper is just the thing. Are you limited in space but still want a great cardiovascular workout? Look no further than the Stamina InStride electronic stepper. This machine offers a footprint of onlyRead More