A Workout to Improve Balance

Dear Sarah,After reading your post on using the mini trampoline for a great workout, it got me thinking about my own balancing act. I notice during my flow class (mind/body program which combines yoga, tai chi and pilates, all set to music) that I lack stability during the balancing part. I always attributed this toRead More

My Training

I have the highest regard for The Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I honed my craft and gained highly expert knowledge and experience in health and nutrition counseling.  The driving philosophy of IIN is to create a change in the world for the better.  Guiding people to be their best in health and life.  ThisRead More

Plyometric Exercises

Using plyometric exercises are a great way to jump higher, run faster and also be quicker. In order to get the best results you will also want to add these exercises to a weight lifting routine as well. Below you will find a plyometric workout that you can start doing today to improve your speedRead More