10 Worst Paying College Degrees

As many students soon realize after they are done with their college education, there are some degrees that pay better than others. Many students find themselves at odds after completing the hardest 4 years of their lives at a university, after finding out that their chosen careers are not paying them what they invested into it. About 90 percent of the students who graduated with a certain major from a university, find themselves getting jobs that are not at all related to what they majored in, in school. This is mostly because of all of the careers and majors that students choose today, there are 10 of the worst careers that any students can choose today, because they are not hight paying, and they also lack the proper benefits.

Top 10 worst-paying college degrees:

10) Drama

Although university students choose this career or major because of their high hopes of getting into a descent play or making their name in this area, many of them end up working in this area part time, while having a full time job on the side. Drama does not pay much, unless the person is in popular plays or working in movies. Most of the students who have this major in college, study this subject for their passion, but not to make any actual money. 

9) Fine arts

As hard as it is to believe, people actually do not make too much out of this degree. In fact its a degree to have if the student wants to have a clear path towards a real career and they choose to get their masters.

8) Hospitality and tourism

This is a career in which people often waste a good chunk of their lives, without really making much of themselves and having very little space to grow. Therefore, the person can only make so much money. 

7) Education

As sad but true as this is, teachers and teachers assistants do not make much money, and many are hurting from the layoffs.

6) Horticulture

This is a hard job, that unless the person works in a very prominent field or respected office, there is not much money to be made.

5) Music

Much like teachers, there is no actual money to be made from this degree. If anything the people who choose this degree do it because they love the subject.

4) Theology

Those who pursue this degree really do want to do good in this world, but they certainly are not doing this for the money. There is not much money to be made in this area.

3) Spanish

Unless the person is a professional teacher or translator, with years of experience there is not much money in this subject. Even in schools this subject and class is being cut. 

2) Elementary education

This is one of the most rewarding jobs for many people. But unfortunately there is not much money to be made in it. 

1) Social work

Although it is a very respected area of work, those who are in this field love their jobs. They are certainly not in it for the money, just their passion to help families and children.