3 Important Things to look for on a Campus College Tour

You’ve decided to further your education by attending one of the many prestigious colleges that have extended an invitation to you.  Your only challenge now is to determine which college will be perfect for you.

College campus tours can help you make your decision as to which college is a good fit for you. Not only do you get a feel for the college campus’ academic culture but also the social life and extra-curricular activities on offer.

Colleges are extremely competitive and will pull out all the stops to ensure they win over prospective students who excel in sports, academics or arts and culture. Thus it becomes vitally important to know how the ideal college can help develop and prepare you for your life after graduating from the college.

Here’s a quick guide for what to look out for when on a college campus tour.

Academic Culture

It’s tempting to passively go along with college campus tour but approach the campus guide that is leading the tour and ask the guide if you can attend a class on a subject of your interest. If you arrange this request before the day of the campus tour, you will be more successful.

While attending the class, take note of the style of lecturing:

Is it a lively discussion or a monotonous monologue? Is it fast paced or is there more than enough time to digest the information presented How many students per class? (this will establish if you will just be a face in the crowd or given personalized attention)

Social Life

The best time to attend a college campus tour is on a Friday and Saturday. You will get a sense of what on-campus social activities are available and if they will serve as a distraction or if they will make you feel right at home.

Social activities to look out for:

Festivals that coincide with the campus culture Various sports events Community-building activities( helping at shelters for less privileged) Graduates of the college that engage with prospective students through talks, dinners etc.

Extra-curricular Activities

Make sure the college campus tour includes a tour of the facilities where extra-curricular activities are performed.  Taking this step becomes crucial if all the above-mentioned elements are equal and you want to determine which college stands out of the crowd.

Extra-curricular activities to look out for:

Sports facilities that accommodate your discipline of sport Studios to practices dance, drama and other performance arts Museums, galleries and libraries for art, academic research etc.

It all depends on what it is you want to achieve while attending your college of choice, thus paying close attention and taking into account only relevant criteria during the college campus tour will assist you to make the right decision for yourself and your future.