5 Money Making College Majors

One of the biggest fears people have is paying thousands of dollars for a college education and not being able to find employment after graduation. One of the first decisions a person will have to make when they start college is deciding what to major in. This is a choice which will have a huge impact on your career, so choose wisely. At the moment, the unemployment rate is at an all time high, 8.3%. If you do not want to be a member of this group, consider a major that will allow you to flourish and prosper regardless of how the economy is impacted.  

Mechanical Engineering 

The basic job of a mechanical engineer is to make things work. Mechanical engineers make engines for cars, boats, trains and planes. In addition, mechanical engineers also produce many life saving devices such as air conditions, heaters, exercising equipment, printers and riding lawn mowers. If you are great at math and science and like to work with your hands, consider a college major such as mechanical engineering. Did I mention that the starting salary is better than $50,000 a year! 

Financial Management 

Job prospects in finance are expected to grow faster than average for the next 10 years. Didn’t you hear? Money makes the world go round! People work hard for the money, want to make sure they have money saved for retirement. Since the 1970s, job opportunities in finance and banking have flourished as a result of the complexity of investment options. People are always interested when money is involved. As a result, the opportunities in finance will always be plentiful.  


The median annual wage of an economist was $80,450 in 2010. Is it necessary to make a more compelling argument as to why majoring in economics would be a great investment? Even if you do not want to be an economist, an economics major will lay down a great liberal arts foundation. Liberal arts equip the graduate with superb oral and written communication skills, team building skills, and the ability to solve complex problems. The great thing about liberal arts is all of those skills are transferable, which makes liberal art graduates valuable hires for employees. 

Computer Science 

CNN Money puts computer since majors in the top 15 college majors with a huge payday; $73,000. Most people would say, that’s not bad at all!  Have you ever wondered how your iPad or Wii works? Technology is a growing field, and is showing no sides of slowing down. Let’s face it, computers run the world; they are a staple item in every home and every business. 


If you are willing to go for an advance degree and have a knack for math and science, a pharmacy major has a lot to offer.  Pharmacists are one of the best paid professionals in the U.S. As the baby boomers are getting older, more pharmacies are opening, thus making pharmacists in high demand. 

If you have dreamed about your chosen career since you were three years old, then by all means, of course peruse it. However, if you are like many people who have no idea what to do, there are some great money making options. After all, there is nothing wrong with a great paying job!