A Guide to College Scholarships and Grants in Oregon

Are you an Oregon resident looking to pursue a college education? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Oregon is a great state and a great place to attend college, but a college education is expensive. Fortunately, in addition to student loans, there are plenty of college scholarships and grants available for students willing to take the time to track them down and complete the application process. National and regional college scholarships and grants abound, but state-specific financial assistance is often a good place to start. After all, you’ve already met the main requirement (residency), just by living in the great state of Oregon. Plus, state-specific college scholarships and grants generally draw less competition than national financial assistance programs. Outlined below is a guide to college scholarships and grants in Oregon. Remember, the more college scholarships and grants that you apply for, the less debt you’re likely to face after graduation.

A guide to college scholarships and grants in Oregon:

Beat the Odds Scholarships: This college scholarship program exclusively for Oregon residents is designed to assist students that have “beaten the odds” by overcoming significant obstacles to enjoy academic success. Every year, three qualifying Oregon high school seniors are awarded renewable $2,500 scholarships from Stand for Children.

Oregon Community Credit Union Scholarship: A guide to college scholarships and grants in Oregon wouldn’t be complete without discussing the Oregon Community Credit Union Scholarship. This need-based program is exclusively for students who have graduated from high school in certain Oregon counties. Each year, the Oregon Community Credit Union awards $4,800 scholarships to students enrolled (or planning to enroll) at the University of Oregon. In addition to financial need, awards are based on academic performance and community involvement.

Home Builders Foundation Scholarships: If you’re an Oregon resident interested in pursing a career related to construction, this scholarship program might be right up your alley. Each year, the Home Builders Foundation awards tens of thousands of dollars to high school and college students pursing an education in a construction-related program.

This guide to college scholarships and grants in Oregon is by no means representative of all of the financial assistance options available to Oregon residents. Additional national, regional and state college scholarships and grants are available if you’re willing to seek them out. If you’re interested in more college scholarships and grants in Oregon, schedule an appointment with your financial aid advisor or visit your high school guidance office and ask about further information.