Act Prep

Taking any standardized test is a drag, but it’s necessary! The ACT is the most common standardized tests that colleges and universities use to judge the abilities of their future students. The ACT is better than the SAT for the number one reason that you do not get penalized for guessing. Only your correct answers count! The question is, however: how can you get the most correct answers and get the best score that you can on the ACT? PRACTICE! Here I will tell you best places to get preparation materials for the ACT and what seems to work the best.

First off, I would just try searching the internet for free prep questions. There are some websites that will let you take practice tests or try out some free trials to get you to buy the full version of their product. By doing this, you can get a good idea of what online product would work for you. Also, you get some free practice, which is always great!

One of the best things that I got to help me practice for my ACT’s were flash cards. You can buy them at almost any major bookstore, like Borders or Barnes and Noble. You can do these when you’re in the car, on the bus, or just hanging out in your room. You don’t really feel like you are taking a test, so you feel more inclined to use them for practice. You can do one, five, or a hundred and it doesn’t matter. You get instant gratification with the right answer and how to work through the problem, so it can stay in your mind easier. They also give you tips on how to solve the problems (math) and things to look out for that commonly pop up on the ACT.

Another good resource that you can get at the bookstore is a book with study tips and tutorials. Throughout the book there are real past ACT’s, which are perfect for gauging what you will get on the ACT. Since there are a couple of tests in each book, you can take a test at the beginning to see where you are. Then, after studying for a couple of weeks you can take another test to see how you have improved. This is a good way to keep yourself motivated and to see your results. I found this EXTREMELY helpful!

Finally, you should talk to the teachers and guidance counselors at your school if there are any ACT prep courses. They can be a little pricey, but if you or your parents are willing to pay for them, they can be really helpful! Also, if you are not self-motivated enough to study on your own, it can really help to have someone there to be accountable to.

The most important part of practicing for the ACT is to keep studying! You can’t study too much, and the more that you do the better you can do. These tests definitely have tricks to them, and by understanding them, you are putting yourself way above your classmates who never studied for the ACT!