Advantages of Attending an out of State College

While some students may be exciting to leave home, for others the idea of going relatively far away for school may represent a frightening prospect.  Going to an out-of-state school can represent a serious commitment of time, money, and emotional energy.  In addition, there are no guarantees that such a venture will be a success.  Few people want to embark on a new challenge that could end in utter failure.  However, this doesn’t change the fact that many people travel long distances every year to attend school.  With that in mind, here are a few advantages of attending an out-of-state college or university.


For many students, leaving home is an opportunity to learn independence and understand what it is like to live on their own.  Students can learn domestic skills, deal with relationships, and get a taste of adulthood.  Granted, some students take advantage of their newfound freedom by making all sorts of poor choices in terms of lifestyle.  However, this is the risk that parents take when they allow their student to leave home and attend school in a place that is beyond easy parental reach.  

Cultural exposure

Another advantage of attending an out-of-state school is that it allows the student to experience a new environment and broaden their cultural perspective on the world.  Granted, it does help if the student wants to broaden their worldview and experience a deeper understanding of society.  In addition, going to another place does not guarantee a rich and vibrant cultural experience.  Some schools are located in places that do not offer a great deal in terms of mind-broadening activities.  

Leaving the nest

Finally, going to an out-of-state school can be a great opportunity for some students to depart from their comfort zone and leave behind that which has been familiar for a long time.  Granted, going away may separate certain students from a strong support network that could be missed when the student has to make particular decisions.  However, there are some students who would benefit greatly by going away and experiencing a bit more of the world.  Sometimes students stay local because they are afraid of challenges and other times it is the parents who are afraid to let their children go.  The out-of-state college experience is not for everyone but it can be an opportunity for growth and many times it helps people to understand what is important to them in life.  Sometimes a student has to step away from familiar surroundings in order to truly appreciate them.