Advantages of Living at Home while Attending College

As exciting as dorm life may be, there are many advantages to living at home while attending college. Money is one of the major factors, reducing college costs by $7500 to $9000 a year. Surprisingly, there are other physical and mental benefits, as well. Studies have shown that 


The average college student will graduate with a debt of $24,000 or more. In today’s economy, that debt can be difficult to pay off. Living at home while attending college can save a significant amount of money. Living on campus can increase schooling costs by 2-3 times, making it prohibitively expensive for most families.


Many college students experience homesickness when they move away to college. Meeting new friends, making ends meet, and completing difficult assignments can interfere with a healthy social life. Research has demonstrated that loneliness can lead to a number of mental and physical illnesses, including alcoholism, depression, and even suicide. Living at home while attending college can provide a strong, familiar support system to college students.

Physical Comforts

Most college dorms are utilitarian. They don’t offer much in the way of physical comforts and many of them look and feel like military barracks. This may save the college money, but it doesn’t provide for students’ physical comforts the way home does. Also, living on campus, students run the risk of increased exposure to illness and bedbugs.


Partying is a fact of dorm life. While college students can still attend the occasional party while living at home, opting to live in college dorms can expose them to too many social distractions. Even if students do not attend these parties, their sleep can be disrupted by noisy neighbors.

More Sleep

The average college student receives only six hours of sleep, while scientists agree that eight hours is what is needed. Living at home can make getting enough sleep easier and more comfortable. Sleep deprivation can lead to bad moods, poor grades, and poor health.

Laundry & Other Chores

Laundry and other household chores, even living in a dorm, can eat up a large amount of time better spent studying. Living at home, students have access to a normal routine and shared housekeeping efforts.

Saving time and money by living at home while attending college does not mean students have to miss out on campus fun. It does, however, reduce the likelihood of physical and mental illness, and helps college students save a significant amount of money, provides a healthier living environment, and leaves graduates better prepared to face the current economy with their degree.