Advantages of Living at Home while Attending College

The college years are said to be the most fun a child will have before entering the adult world. It is a time of “Empty Nest Blues” for parents, and a spreading of the wings for the child. The college years can also be a time of extreme financial and emotional stress for both parents and children. Some college students opt to live at home while attending college. There are many good reasons for this decision:

*Save Money

Not only will students save money on everything from rent to groceries, but parents also save money by not having to pay for a dorm room and/or by not having to travel to visit their child. 

*Familiar Surroundings

There is something to be said about being in comfortable surroundings. By living at home during college, students can eliminate a certain amount of stress. It can be easier to concentrate and do homework while in their childhood home. No strangers walking by, or coming in and out of the room, no noises from the room/apartment next door, and no wild parties. It is a fact that students can study better when they are relaxed and comfortable.

*Better Sleeping/Eating Habits

Students are more likely to have a higher quality and quantity of sleep when sleeping at home as opposed to a dorm room. Students that live at home know who will or will not be in and out of their room at night and probably will not have to worry about being kept awake by loud parties. 

Students living at home will eat better than they would living in a dorm or on their own in an apartment. Parents tend to prepare more nutritious meals and do not have to worry about affording groceries. 

*Limited Exposure to Party Crowds

By a student living at home while attending college, they are less likely to be around drugs and alcohol. They are less likely to be exposed to the people that could get them into trouble. Drug and alcohol experimentation and use during the college years is common, but that does not make it safe or acceptable. Chances are that most parents will not allow these kinds of activities to take place in their home.

*No Homesickness

Generally, going off to college is a child’s first experience with being away from their parents and familiar surroundings, which can result in homesickness. This is a normal part of adapting to the college life. Sometimes, a student may become so homesick that they become depressed. This depression can make classes, studying, and even socializing very difficult for the student. Sometimes homesickness can actually lead to a student dropping out of college. By living at home, a student can eliminate the possibility of depression brought about by homesickness.


When a college student lives at home, they cut down on possible safety issues that plague college campuses like theft, rape and vandalism. Colleges have campus security, but it is a fact that crimes do occur on campuses from time to time.

The choice to live at home while attending college is not one to be taken lightly or laughed at, due to the many benefits. Some students prefer to be able to live in a dorm or their own apartment and enjoy the taste of freedom, while some opt to save money and enjoy the peace and quiet of home.