Advantages of Taking both the Sat and the Act

The SAT and the ACT tests are both standardized tests that are used as a measure of aptitude. Whether or not they actually do that is not the issue that I am discussing at this moment. However, there are benefits to taking both tests.

When I was in high school, I was a finalist for a college scholarship from a big corporation. However, I had not met the SAT score requirement because I scored relatively low. I did however meet the ACT score requirement. In fact my ACT score when my counselor figured out the SAT equivalent was much higher than my SAT score. Anyway, I ended up getting the scholarship because I had taken both tests. If I didn’t take the ACT, I probably wouldn’t have attended college.

Speaking from the stand point of a college admission’s office, I can see it being very beneficial from there as well. If a college sees that you have taken two standardized tests, they can more accurately place a student in what level coursework would be best suited to their abilities. Like I said I am not speaking about the fairness or effectiveness of a standardized test here. I am discussing the all around benefits to the parties involved.

So these are two examples of the advantages of taking both the ACT and the SAT tests. Someone in a position to give a scholarship may look favorably on it, as well as the potential admission to a college itself.