Advice for Finding Lower Cost Alternatives to the High Price of College

There are three things you can do to make your college education less expensive.

One. Attend a community college for the first two years.
Going to a community college for the first two years is cheaper and you will more than likely be taking the same classes if you would have started at a university. You can save yourself sometimes 50% of the tuition you would have paid at a four year university. Your don’t really start the course work for your major until your junior and senior year. Also if you didn’t make really good grades in high school this is a chance to pull up your G.P.A. and get into a really good school. Students can choose to continue living at home which also saves money. Or move out and have a roommate (which is cheaper than living alone) if they can’t bare living with their parents another year.

Two. Go to a state/public university.
These school are the least expensive because they want you to stay in-state so they make the rates feasible. Also some public schools are ranked pretty high. I go to the University of Florida, it is the number one school in my state and thirteen in the country. Public schools have a lot to offer plus if there is a school you really want to go to but it is out of state all you have to do is move. If you can support yourself for a year you will be granted in-state tuition rates. I suggest moving in May or June so that you complete your year well before August.

Three. Apply to every scholarship, grant and awards program you find.
No matter how small the amount free money is free money. Apply often and apply early. Don’t feel bad when you don’t get the biggest scholarship you applied for there are thousands out there. Don’t turn your nose up at the $500.00 scholarships those can can buy books, and if you get four of them and they are renewable that is two extra grand a year that isn’t coming out of your pocket. There are a lot of website out there that can help you, and talk to your school guidance counselors they have tons of information they can give you and are always happy to help.

Three point five. Fill out the FASFA
The FREE Application for Federal Student Aid.
This is very important for student and parents. Sometimes parents don’t realize how dragging their feet on this can cost students money. The FASFA automatically applies you to all of the need based grants and scholarships at your school. It also qualifies you for federal loans which come at lower interest rates than those of private banks. Also the filling out the FASFA is free don’t use any website that want you to pay them to do it for you, the same goes for scholarship searches.

Hopefully this will help and congratulations your going to college.