Age and College Education

You’re never too old to learn! That’s the old adage that has been handed down for generations. I heard it while I was growing up, I’m sure many of us have heard it, and you know what? It’s true! You are really never too old to learn. Sometimes our learning comes out of necessity, and sometimes it comes from a deep passion, but whatever the source of the drive for learning, learning occurs every single day of our lives. This is why age doesn’t matter when you talk about college and higher education.

Most of us spend a great deal of younger years planning and setting goals for the “adult years” of our lives.
In some cases though, the planning and the goals may not have included a higher degree, but rather an apprenticeship or training for a specific career mode. With the shift in today’s economy and the job structure, many of us are finding the need to change our goals and objectives and look for additional training or education to take on a new role for security for our families and security for ourselves when we approach the time to retire.

Age is no longer a factor in when or if one gets a degree or an advanced degree. Our economy, and our society, has changed so much that we find the shift in the number of degrees and the amount of additional training necessary for all ages. Employers are now seeking employees who can be marketable and flexible, and those who have computer skills. Job descriptions and requirements have become more and more streamlined and the workforce has had to keep up with the demands. Therefore, age has floated away as a determining factor for higher education.

Looking at college campuses today we see a variety of students in all classes working towards their degrees. Distance learning has become very popular for many so they can continue to work to pay the bills, but also take classes at night and on weekends to pursue a better job in the long-run. The face of education and the forum for delivery has changed dramatically; all ages are seeing the benefits of this new way of learning and working to take advantage of it.

More and more employers are also requiring continuing education for their employees and are paying the costs of that continuing education. Even though we may not think of that as education, it certainly is.
So, no matter what your age, you are always learning and always gaining new skills. Age is just a number!