Alternatives to going Straight to College after High School

Going straight to college after high school can be quite a big jump. Not everyone will be prepared, or willing to make this transition and it will only be harder down the road when a student is in college and failing to handle the work. Fortunately, these days there are many other options for those who just aren’t ready to sit in a college lecture hall, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of studying that needs to be done.

Entering the Workforce

It may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but going to work after high school will offer the chance to earn money. College expenses are not getting cheaper. At the very least, you will be in a better position to pay these bills after a year or two. Work hard, network as much as possible and never diss the job no matter how mundane it is. It’s better than graduating with a mountain of debt and no guarantee of employment.

Working Abroad

Getting work experience in another country can definitely broaden the horizons. Imagine yourself working in such places as Europe, Australia or even Africa. This will open the door to new possibilities like learning a new language, or more than one. The most obvious benefit is interpreting and this can be an immensely rewarding career. Foreign employment not only creates lifelong memories, it looks good on a resume.

Joining the Military

Your family and friends might try to talk you out of enlisting in the armed forces. It’s definitely not for everyone. A significant number of recruits wash out of the intense fifteen or sixteen weeks of basic training. But, for those who stay the course and make it through, military life will offer valuable skills and job security.

Enrolling in a Trade School

Studying in this type of school will not be nearly as difficult as trying to get through a college semester. Vocational and technical schools have shorter courses and will cost less money. Every piece of the curriculum is geared toward the targeted career. You could be finished in a year and ready to earn an income while college students will have to wait for three or four years to start making money. This is something that might save you lots of unnecessary stress.

Starting a Business

The most successful businesses all started with a single idea. If you think you’ve got the next million dollar idea and it really takes off, you could end up with a massive salary. Growing a company can be lots of fun and you can do your own thing. The sense of personal achievement is unlike anything else you could get in a nine to five job.