Alternatives to going Straight to College after High School

Sometimes it is not convenient to plunge straight into the college regime immediately after completing high school. In that case, young people will have to make critical decisions based on where they are and where they want to be. Family problems, finances, debt, indecision, availability of grants and loans play key parts in helping high school graduates make the crucial decision to attend college or have some plans A or B in their sack. For this reason, there are many alternatives available: They include: working full time on a job not related to your targeted goal, working full time on a job where you can receive on-job-training in your field of interest, studying to prepare to go to college while, accepting work as a volunteer in a humanitarian organization, accepting part-time work in a field in which you are interested, traveling to other countries if you have the resources, researching various fields of endeavors to help you decide which one might be best for you. Some students enroll in technical training institutes. These are not colleges, but will prepare students for work after completing a certificate program. Usually these courses require from 90 days to 18 months to complete. Upon completion, the institute will help the students be placed on a job. Today, some high school graduates also seize the opportunity to enroll in the
armed services. Some desire a career in the military, or see life in the military as a way to achieving their goals in life. The military has very appealing incentives and packages which readily attract students who do not have the resources to pursue a college degree immediately.

Because going to college is not always feasible for students, they will have to travel down the road that will get them to their desination in career choices that best fits them. A good idea is to talk with high school counselors prior to graduation and ask for some suggestions. Parents also should be brought into the discussion, and others who have an awareness of where jobs are found locally. Most high school graduates do not like to leave home right away, so exploring the job market locally and assessing other options are necessary.

Many students feel they want to work right after high school. This gives them the opporunity to earn money for college, buy clothes, cars, and other things they wanted, but could not afford in high school.
Work experience helps give them a sense of responsibility and worth. When training on a job helps them to gain experience in a particular field, this can be added to their resume in the future.

Many students who are missionary or humanitarian minded like the idea of relocating to a foreign land.
For at least one year they can visit another country and learn the culture of others. Some desire to speak other languages, and this provides a great chance. Exploring other lands and cultures is a great way for
high school graduates to get a better feel for what is out there.

Those who decide to attend a training institute for a certificate program are well on their way to an
alternative to college. With the certificate program, they can earn money upon completion and have a skill that may last them a lifetime. These certificate programs are widely accepted and are a good investment for the time and money.

Becoming a part of the armed forces is a choice which some high school graduates choose. This career is dangerous in the time of war, but in peacetime, it can be a means to earning money, and later having the option of attending college full time on a GI bill. Those who serve in the military are also allowed to purchase a home of their own using their GI benefits.

Graduating from high school is a step into adulthood. When college is not a choice, young people will make the choices based on the influences and options that are available to them. The best choices, however, will come when there is a sincere desire or passion to explore an avenue for a career. With this in mind,
it goes without saying that one must be happy in his/her decision, and move ever forward to the desired goals.