An Overview of the Top Undergraduate Business Schools in South Dakota

A good business education in the state of South Dakota begins with the top undergraduate business schools at South Dakota State University, University of South Dakota, and Black Hills State University. Three educational institutions will prepare its students to use the best business practices, base good decision making on what they have learned while receiving first rate education.

South Dakota State University is located in the city of Brookings. Its business majors are found within the Department of Economics. The majors offered are Economics, Entrepreneurial Studies, and Business Economics. An education from SDSU will cost an incoming non-residential freshman an estimated 14,620 dollars. The tuition cost and fees for SDSU business education compared to many other business schools in the United States is affordable.  Students will be well prepared to contribute to any business organization once they enter the workforce.

University of South Dakota, Beacom School of Business is located in Vermillion, South Dakota. Its business school has the highest accreditation associated with a business school, and that is Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business International. Students can rest assured, they will receive a business education that is desired in the workforce.  Students can expect to earn Bachelor of Business Administration degree in concentrations such as Accounting, Economics, and Finance.  Non-resident students should expect to pay about 15,660 per year in tuition and fees.

Black Hills State University, College of Business and Technology campus is located in the city of Spearfish.  BHSU grants degrees in Majors such as Accounting, Entrepreneurial Studies, Marketing, and many more. The estimated tuition and fees for non-residential students are 14,901 dollars. Small class size helps students feel a more personal touch when receiving education.  BHSU is a strong advocate of teaching their students the importance of interpersonal skills in the workplace, and they ensure that student is well prepared to interact with others which are needed in such a diverse workforce.

South Dakota offers great opportunities for students to get the best business education possible. The students do not have to worry about good education being overpriced because SDSU, SDU, and BHSU offer an affordable education.  Each university also offers financial aid for students that need it. There is a lot to offer as far as student life; therefore, students will have a well-rounded college life experience that they would get at any other college. The workforce requires that their employees be well versed in business practices and be able to make decisions; therefore, the undergraduate business schools mentioned earlier will create an asset to any company.