An Overview of the Top Undergraduate Business Schools in Washington DC

The top undergraduate business schools in Washington D.C. are American University, Georgetown University, Howard University and George Washington University. The four schools are located in different parts of the city in the Nation’s capitol. Each school will offer an education that will be an asset in the future endeavors of its students; therefore, certain costs expended for such an education should not deter anyone from seeking out such fine schools. The potential student is offered financial aid, and it will help them offset the cost of such a great business education.  It is an added bonus for the student that he or she will experience college life in a city that offers so much in regards to entertainment, history, and attractions.

American University, KoGod School of Business will offer majors such as Entrepreneurship and Accounting.  The university grants a Bachelor of Science degree for successful completion of course requirements.  The tuition and expenses are estimated at 52,099 dollars per year. Upon graduation, the student will be well-prepared in making decisions that influence the operation of any business.

Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business will focus on creating future leaders while providing the student access to some of the most rigorous business coursework in the country.  Examples of majors that a student can select are Accounting, Finance, International Business, and many more. A first rate education for a freshman can easily cost an estimated 58,300 dollars per year.  The university uses small classroom sizes to provide the best possible educational experience for the student. The students will be able to recognize how much of difference a Georgetown education means when pursuing their career.

Howard University, School of Business will create an atmosphere for those students who look to challenge themselves with the majors they selected. The students will be pleased with majors such as International Business, Supply Chain Management, and Marketing. The freshman choosing to earn a business degree should expect to pay an estimated 32,155 dollars per year.  Students will be ready to assume the role of leaders, make decisions, and have a level of competency that will easily translate into a great future in any organization.

George Washington University, School of Business grants Bachelor of Business Administration for the completion of educational requirements of the various majors offered. A student will be quite satisfied with the majors that he/she could select. For example, a student could choose Accounting.  The student then should expect to pay nearly 56,500 dollars per year to earn a degree in Accounting.