An Overview of the Top Undergraduate Business Schools in West Virginia

The top undergraduate business schools in West Virginia are the University of West Virginia, Marshall University, West Virginia State University, and West Virginia University Institute of Technology. The four schools will provide an affordable education to students that wish to pursue a career in business. In comparison to other business schools in the United States, the university is very economical.

University of West Virginia, College of Business and Economics can be found in the city of Morgantown. The university offers many majors to the student.  For example, a student may choose Economics or Finance as a major.  A student should expect to pay an estimated cost of 25,000 dollars per year.  For the ambitious business mind, the coursework will be quite challenging and in most cases, it will lead to them being highly recruited by employers in the future.

Marshall University, Lewis College of Business is located in Huntington, West Virginia. The business school is accredited by the AACSB International which is one of the highest accreditation a business school can receive.  Students will have a variety of majors to choose from, such as Accounting and Economics. Upon successful completion of required courses, the university will grant a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.   The cost a student should expect to pay is estimated at 24,784 dollars per year.  The use of financial aid will help reduce the cost of tuition and fees of the university.  

West Virginia State University, Department of Business Administration is located in the city of Institute.  The student can pursue a degree in majors such as Economics or Business Administration. The university grants Bachelor of Science to a student upon completion of coursework.   The tuition and fees per semester are estimated at nearly 10,000 dollars per year.  Good decision-making and persons with great vision are what many employers are seeking to hire, and education from West Virginia State will more than prepare students for what employers are asking for.

West Virginia University Institute of Technology College of Business, Humanities and Social Science is located in Montgomery, West Virginia. The university offers majors such as Accounting, and Business Management. The student can earn a Bachelor of Science degree when he or she complete all the requirements of his or her major. Students should expect to pay about 22,000 dollars per year to attend the school.  Financial aid is available to those students that show they have a need to pay for their education. For a few students, some scholarships can be earned. It is paramount that an incoming student is aware of any deadlines the college has for applying for financial aid.