An Overview of the Top Undergraduate Business Schools in Wisconsin

The top undergraduate business schools in Wisconsin are University of Wisconsin at Madison, Marquette University, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. The three colleges will create the leaders, prepare them to be great decision-makers, and have the knowledge to do the job in the workforce. The various business schools compared to other colleges in the United States provide an affordable education. They will continue to be a strong foundation on which careers are built.

University of Wisconsin at Madison, School of Business is located in the city of Madison. The university offers majors in the area of studies of Accounting, International Business, and Marketing. These are just a few of many majors that a student could select at the University of Wisconsin. The tuition and fees that he or she would expect to pay would be estimated at 37,757 dollars per year.  The school offers financial aid for those who deem to have a need. Those undergraduate students in business in some cases can qualify for scholarships such as the BP Undergraduate Scholarship.  

Marquette University, College of Business Administration is located in the city of Milwaukee. The majors the university offers are Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business and many more.   The cost of an education at Marquette is estimated to be about 43,000 dollars per year. For some students, financial aid will be available to offset the cost of attending the Marquette University. He or she could also be able to snag a scholarship, however, it is important that students stay aware of requirements and deadlines when applying for a scholarship. A business education that is offered by the university will prepare the student to be a leader and a decision-maker. These are all valuable assets that are coveted by companies’ recruiters.

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Lubar School of Business will prepare the student for a career in business with coursework that will be challenging and ask nothing less than their best effort. The school grants Bachelor of Business Administration upon completion of the majors offered. The majors that a student can take are Accounting, Finance, and Supply Chain and Operations Management. These are few examples of the majors that a student can select. The tuition fees for an education are estimated at about 34,000 dollars per year.  If the university determines a student has a need for financial aid he or she will be granted it, therefore, all students should apply for financial aid to cover some of the cost of tuition and fees.