AP Tests

From the first day of an AP class, you’ve probably realized that the AP tests are not an easy task. Getting half of the questions right can result in a passing score; that’s how difficult many of these questions can be. However, AP tests are far from impossible to pass. With a few guidelines, you can be ready for test day.

First and foremost, you have to know you want to pass the test. If you’re not determined, you’re not going to pass. Preparing for each test will take a good amount of time. The more tests you’re taking, the more time you’ll need to put in. It’s necessary that you’re willing to dedicate your time to studying.

Once you’ve determined that you’re going to try to pass, you need to use your class time wisely. Take note of everything important the teacher says. Also, don’t be afraid to ask. Go in before or after school to work through things you may not understand. The teacher will be your main supporter in taking the test.

Make sure you take advantage of the AP questions from prior tests. You can find a variety of questions on collegeboard.org. These are the most reliable study sources considering they’re from the actual tests.

Flashcards are your new best friend. Whether you’re taking the Calculus or History exam, flashcards help tremendously. Use them to remember dates, vocabulary, general rules and exceptions, and anything you have a tendency to forget.

Before the actual test day, take a practice test. Put together a test from the online problems and time yourself as you take it. You may want to do this multiple times to track your progress and see what you need to work on.

As the test day approaches, relax and breathe; you don’t want to burn out. Make sure you leave time for your friends and hobbies. The tests can be extremely beneficial for college, but you still want to enjoy your school year.

Finally, treat yourself. You’ve crossed the finish line once you’ve closed your test book. Regardless of the score or how you did, you put a lot of work into studying. Make sure you reward your efforts with a well-deserved lunch and much needed sleep.

Hopefully these steps will help you to pass whichever AP test you plan to take. Remember to take good notes, use every resource you have, and study. By doing this, you’ll be sure to do your best on test day. Good luck!