Are Parents Justified in Pressuring their Teenage Children to get a College Education – Yes

Every parent worries about how their children will adjust to life after high school. In high school, parents can still push their students to do more in their classes, but in college, students are pretty much on their own, and this is something that many parents worry about. Before parents can start planning college for their students, students have to be able to get into a good college and maintain good grades. Many parents worry extensively about college and wonder if their students meet all of the requirements to get into a university, or what new requirements students have to fulfill. 

Every parent knows how hard the economy is these days, and how hard individuals that only have their high school diploma have to work in order to make ends meet. Parents are justified when they push their students to get a college education, because once students have that college degree, they have a better chance at getting a good job. These days, individuals who have a good job, usually do so because they have a college degree, and they have worked extra hard to get to the place they are now. It is no coincidence that students do better after college, than those who only finish high school. 

With the way that the economy is today, many parents want their students to get into a good university and get as much out of that experience as possible. Many parents who have gone to college and have been hit hard by the economy know that they would not have all of the opportunities that they have now, if they hadn’t attended a university. 

Students worry about being able to get into a good university just like their parents do, mostly because they want to be able to live their own life separate from their parents. Many of them also wonder about how it will be when they are finally on their own, and how they are going to be able to afford everything once they are out of their parents’ house. If both parents and students worry about college, and the possibility of going and how to afford this, they should both talk to a college counselor or teacher, and find out what they can do in order to maximize the chances of students getting into a university.  

There is no reason why students and parents cannot make sure that they have the many advantages that other students have when it comes to a university.