Are Pro Athletes Paid too much – Yes

Seeing how much sports have grown since people started playing them for fun, and how they have grown to have professional and college based programs just for sports, it is a wonder how many people are being paid so much to play a sport that started out just so people can keep busy. It seems like in todays world there are more money reasons to play a sport than simply because it is fun or it can a great form of exercise. 

More people are beginning to think as sports as their sources of income as they see dollar signs in front of football or basketball, but it is never about joining a team because it can a diversion from something else anymore. Professional athletes are being paid too much for those who simply play a game, and most importantly not only are they only playing a game, but they are earning four to five times the amount that any other person would in their lifetime. With so many people out of their jobs and the economy constantly going up and down the way it goes, it is a wonder where they are getting the money, when we are supposedly “broke”. 

Many think of this as an outrage because it seems as if people care more about sports as a form of winning and making money, but it is never about what it started out to be before and that is for fun and to stay in shape. Now most people that play professionally only do it for the right amount of money or the right amount of attention if that. There is nothing worse than hearing about how a few people get the salary that can help feed up to three families or more, all because they play professionally. True, that they work for the money, but at the same time, some sports are only play seasonally which means that when people are not playing, they do not make any money.

This is a question and a subject that many people have and are constantly wondering about. Any person can see this more prominently in college students or university students as they look to play a sport in school so that they are able to get a scholarship and hopefully play professionally in the future, and there get the money that they want. If this is all about money, then there should be other ways for people to get the same amount even if they do not play any sports.