Are there Cliques in College

YES! You’ve finally reached the end of those four dreaded years of high school. No more popularity contests, no more drama, no more cliques. Seriously!? Sadly… not a chance.

College does have cliques. Everywhere does. It’s not necessarily that everyone is constantly being judged and categorized; it’s the fact that everyone wants to be surrounded by those with similar interests as themselves.

Certain cliques in college are by far more noticeable than others. Sororities and fraternities have their Greek letters plastered across their t-shirts, hoodies, and bags. Of course, you have your athletic groups with their sport of choice displayed valiantly on their belongings. Other typical cliques, such as band members and religious groups, can be spotted along college campuses as well.

The one thing I find better about college cliques than high school cliques is the fact that everyone seems to have grown up. Maturity comes sooner for some than others, but college students simply seem to have a better definition of who they are. Once you’re in a particular college clique, it’s easy to identify and relate to one another. Whether you are all interested in animal rights, or if you have chosen to major in Political Science, your goals are focused in a similar direction. This aspect of a group could help you with your own means of self-discovery.

College cliques are real, no matter how many people say they aren’t. They may not be quite so dominant as those in high school, but they are still existent. Take an open minded approach to viewing these groups. They’re not as bad as they seem.