Are you Ready for College

For many teenagers, preparing for college is a stressful and overwhelming process. You may not be ready to deal with the challenges that college brings into your life. Here are a few signs that you are not ready for college.

1)      You are not mature enough.

When you start attending college, you take on quite a bit of responsibility. You are going to move out of your parents’ house which means that your parents will not be there to help you as much as they usually do. If your parents do everything for you, moving out will be the most difficult adjustment because you have to learn to do these things on your own. You will live in a dorm with a person that you do not know. You have to find a way to balance a heavy course load with a personal life and possibly a hectic work schedule. If you do not believe that you can handle any of these responsibilities, you are probably not ready for university life. However, you should take a few classes at a community college nearby, so you can get a taste of college life.

2)     You have no idea what you want to do with your life.

By the time you become a senior in high school, you do not have to know what you want to do, but you should have a general idea of the field that interests you. However, if you do not have any idea, maybe you should consider waiting to start college because you will waste money on classes that you may not need when you decided what you want to do. Instead, get a job and save money.

3)      You had an extremely difficult time academically in high school.

The course load at a university is drastically different from high school. In high school, your teacher probably covered one or two chapters and gave a test on the material within a week. However, your college professor will go over several chapters and make you write pages of notes in a class meeting. If he or she does not finish the lecture during the class meeting, your professor will expect you to learn it yourself before the next class meeting or test. Unlike your teachers in high school, college professors assign you a bunch of course work to read in a short amount time and will not provide much help to you. Also, a great deal of your final grade for college comes from your scores on the tests, not the assignments. Consider going to a community college where the course load is not as heavy before attending a university.

4)     You like to party all the time.

If you only want to go to college for the great parties, you are definitely not ready for college. When you are in college, it is a great idea to let off steam after a stressful week of studying. However, partying all the time will cause you to stay out all night, never attend classes, and flunk out.

Now, you decide if you are ready for college. If you have any doubts, take the time to think about it. Do not let anyone, such as parents and friends, make the big decision for you.