Athletic Salaries are Pro Athletes Paid too much Salaries – No

As an avid non sports fan, do I think that professional athletes are paid too much? No, they are not. It seems to be jealousy that fuels the argument that they are.

Most of the people in the world would love to make as much money as professional athletes do. They just happen to be fortunate enough to get paid (and paid very well) for doing what they love.

Take a step back and honestly answer this question. Would you turn down a contract to write stories for the next 3 years for $18,000,000? Of course you wouldn’t. You would be so happy that you couldn’t stand it. Almost any person in any profession would take that same deal. That much money to do their job, and that is assuming that you don’t even like your job. Consider it if it is what you always wanted to do.

Before people pass judgement on how much an athlete makes, they need to think about a couple of things. One, do you have a job where several 300 pound men in peak physical condition have the sole purpose of knocking you to the ground? How about a job where you run non stop for 45 minutes at a time while chasing a ball and getting kicked by other people that are “professional kickers” as well. My job is not nearly that demanding.

The other thing that really needs to be considered is how it came to be that the professional athletes actually make that much money. The blame might be put on the person that pays several hundred dollars for each ticket to see that person play the sport. Maybe it is because people will buy the same shoes as the athlete, just because the athlete wears them.

Anyone that has the honor, privilage, talent, and good fortune to get paid huge amounts of money to do a job they love should not be chastised. They should be congratulated. They have truly made it.

Do I think that other professions should make more money? Of course. Police officers, military, firemen, and especially teachers should make monstrously more money than they do. Until it is “cool” to wear an LAPD jersey, or “I’m a English teacher” hat, the sponsorship that pays the huge athletic salaries aren’t there.

If you don’t like it, stop going to the game, buying the sports paraphenalia, and arguing statistics. In the end, it is you that pays their salaries (and not through tax dollars which is a first for most high paying jobs in this country).