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A professor of History in the name of Frank Luttmer once said that the study of history is more than the presentation of facts but rather the search for the interpretation of the past. History is more than the knowledge of dates and other trivial facts but rather the understanding of any historical phenomenon whether it is an event, an idea, a law, or a dogma.

Whether we are talking about the students who are majoring in history or the students who are just taking some courses in History, we cannot deny the important role being played by the discipline of History to these people. First, the study of history provides us with the necessary facts that are vital in commemorating and remembering important people and important events. More than this however is the endowing of the discipline of History itself of the necessary facts, idea and interpretation that will be helpful in solving the challenges that we face in the present and in the future.

It was always said that History repeats itself. This truth alone can justify the necessary study of History of every student. Every day we are confronted with situations and problems. However, unless we don’t have a clear sense of understanding History, we could not know that these same sets of problems had already confronted and challenged by the earlier people in the past. The knowledge of earlier occurrence of same problems can be able to guide us in our decision making in the present. Whether the early people succeeded or failed in the confrontation of those problems, we cannot deny the vitality of our knowledge in the existence of those same problems before.

History also teaches its student the important trait of understanding every situation uniquely and independently. In the discipline of history, events and actions of people are comprehended and interpreted in their own historical context. The society and the environment that we live in is in a constant flux therefore the situations and conditions of tomorrow can be far more different than the situation of today. This enable every student of History to understand as much as possible the context of the people or event that they are studying.

These characteristics and attitudes that are taught by studying history are priceless. In any field, whether it is politics or sciences, we cannot deny that the lessons and attributes that the discipline of History teaches us will be a great use in our careers. We can forget the dates of important events and the birth dates of important people but the eternal lessons and attitudes that the discipline of History will remain to us forever.