Bad Places for Studying

If you want to succeed, you have to study right. Studying right, however, requires that you are studying in the right place. Unfortunately, you can find bad places for studying. The following list describes all the places that you should not find yourself studying in.

1. You should not study in a place that does not allow you to concentrate. These places include:

– a place where there are too many people: even though you could be the type of person who likes to study with others, you cannot concentrate if other people aren’t studying with you. So, if you are in a place that has too many people, you should probably save your studying for later.

– in front of a television: again, although some people can study with background noise, most people can’t retain the information if there is background noise. The people who can study in this type of environment usually are able to multitask. However, most people’s minds cannot fully multitask without giving top priority to one task. If you are easily distracted, then turn the background noise off.

– in a classroom: although a classroom is generally a learning environment, it may not be good enough for your studying needs. In order to successfully study in a classroom, everything should be relatively quiet.

2. Your mind can also be considered as a place. If your mind is not ready for studying, chances are that you won’t be able to concentrate fully on the task at hand. To make sure that your mind is as ready as your environment, do the following:

– Be sure that your mind was recently at rest. This means that you have to either a) have just woken up or b) have already completed a few tasks to get your mind warmed up.

– Your mind should already have performed some warm-up exercises. These can include brain teasers, reading in a different language, completing a few math problems, etc.

3. Your studying environment should be encouraging of your success. If you are in a place that does not encourage academic success, you will not be able to concentrate fully. So, either have the people around you take part in your studying, or go to a place that only includes you.

Although there are only a handful places that are bad for studying, you will find that when you avoid these places and find those which are good for studying, you will achieve more academic success.