Bad Places for Studying

Contrary to most student’s belief, you cannot just study in any spot on campus for an upcoming exam or quiz. There are a lot of terrible places around campus to go, and it usually depends on who the person is. What is a bad place for one might be wonderful for someone else; it generally is centered around the type of person they are. That being said, here are some bad places on campus to study.

– Outside: A lot of students seem to think its great to study in the sunshine sitting under a tree in the warmer months of school. The wonderful weather might not be a distraction, but there are a lot of them outside. Birds making constant noise, the hustle of people walking past to and from class, and the sheer ideal of being outside. Being outside when you live on a college campus gives one a mindset of meeting friends, throwing a football, playing some home-run derby, or walking to the cafeteria. Once outside it is almost impossible to focus solely on studying.

– The library: While the library is a wonderful place to study for some, it can be a nightmare for others. If you need complete (or close to) silence, then study in the library. If the quiet bothers you, then the library is not an ideal spot. Another problem I find sometimes with the library is that so many people study here. There are constantly people walking past, and its common to look up and see if you know them or not in college. That, and people you will find attractive will walk past, guaranteed, and that distracts you from your exam study because then it’s talking to them, flirting, or for the shy ones out there just staring and daydreaming of that someone.

– Dorm room: There are distractions everywhere in most people’s dorm rooms. My biggest problem is having the television set in my room and my clock on my desk. I can sit and study for awhile at my desk, but then there is that glance at the clock, and seeing the time you realize a favorite show is about to come on. Usually the television show will win out over the exam studying.

– Anywhere with alcohol: This probably goes as a given, but do not drink before or during studying. This can include your dorm, if that mini-fridge is packed with beers. It usually is something like, “I’ll just have a beer and sip on it as I study” and that never seems to end well.

My best suggestion is to try a few places early on in college. You will find out fairly quickly if you need some music on or complete silence to do your studying. Some people study well when there with friends, and other people need to be alone. Try different locations, and eventually one for you will come to you.