Basic Abilities Needed to go Back to College

You’ve submitted your application and have been accepted to college. It was clear you had the grades required by the school’s admission policies. There are still some abilities you’ll want to keep in mind and plan to adopt to help you be successful.

The ability to be organized is very important to success in college. Yes, you will be given a syllabus for every course but if you don’t have some further method of keeping track of important dates and deadlines you will never tie up all the loose ends well enough to feel on top of things. It’s much easier to transfer important dates to one calendar, whether it’s paper or electronic, review these dates on a regular basis and plan your schoolwork in an organized manner. If you don’t keep yourself well organized you could miss deadlines that will have a negative affect on your grades.

To accompany staying organized you will need to exercise the ability of time management. Unless you are taking only one class the confusion of when to do what with multiple tasks, projects and papers can overwhelm you if you don’t make the effort to manage your time. You may find yourself making difficult but necessary decisions to devote less time in one area of your life in order to give more time to your schoolwork. As a busy adult student you’ll need to juggle your time very carefully and set strict priorities to get all your schoolwork accomplished. Towards mid and end of semester you’ll find due dates beginning to pile up accompanied by exams so take care to manage your time efficiently.

Communication skills in every conceivable form are abilities that will serve you well in college. If you are remedial in your computer skills, you may want to do some polishing of those before your first semester begins. Even if you feel you don’t communicate very well verbally you will be required to do so in your college classes. Your writing skills will also be challenged by your schoolwork. If you are lacking in these abilities trust that they are necessary and take advantage of every opportunity to enhance them.

Because human beings run classes prepare to use your ability to be flexible. Professors often change course in mid semester and, though this is not considered the best situation, you will need to be able to adjust quickly to accommodate such a shift. You may find that classes you’re interested in taking are not offered. Departments often change their course offerings so you’ll have to roll with the punches and find a suitable alternative if this happens. Also be flexible enough to allow yourself to take advantage of an opportunity that may suddenly come up. If you’re able to say “yes” to what is put before you, it will help you gain recognition as well as increase your knowledge.

The many abilities you’ll need to be successful when you go back to college are those you bring with you and also those you develop while you’re in school. If you enter college as a disorganized person you will likely exit college as a highly organized and efficient individual. Keep an open mind and make the adjustments necessary to ensure your success.