Basic Skills Needed to go Back to College

Anyone who has been out of formal education for five, ten, fifteen years or even longer, will find that although times indeed are-a-changing, they already in all likelihood possess the basic skills need to go back to College. Thee typewriters may indeed be gone, as is the index card system of searching for information at the library and although the Admissions staff will probably be younger than we are, take heart you can handle this!

Going back to College need not be daunting; if you have spent the last ten or more years in the work force, raising children, running your own business or a combination of the three you will be amazed at how many transferable life skills you will have. There are five basic life skills that are crucial to your success in College. Transfer these skills effectively and reap the rewards! Here they are!

The ability to fill out forms (and lots of them).

Anyone considering returning to College needs to know how to interpret an income tax return and be able to transfer that information on all the College funding forms. Pell Grants, Student loans, Private bank loans are all part of the form filling out process followed by the Admissions form, and eventually the College classes’ forms!

The ability to prioritize and manage time effectively.

Studies have shown that former stay home mom’s often do extremely well when returning to College due to their ability to effectively manage their day. Being able to delegate time appropriately and efficiently to school assignments’ and get them done on time is extremely important.

The ability to effectively argue and persuade people.

From arguing with banks, Government loan and grant organizations, to getting the College to recognize and acknowledge prior life experience; arguing is about to take up a lot of your time! The ability to get your point across without alienating anyone will serve you well once you get into the College classroom and participate in debates.

The ability to find and use information appropriately.

No one knows more about where that helpful brochure went, than a mom or former manager or small business owner. Once you are in College you will find yourself managing papers, handouts, lists and computer related research all in the quest for that degree! Being able to manage information effectively is perhaps the most important skill you will put to use in College.

The ability to use modern day electronic equipment.

Now your going to find a use for all those hours spent surfing the Internet! You will be amazed at how often you are going to use email, College related chat rooms, downloads, CD burning for assignments, and basic surfing skills to find information. Of course being able to operate a Windows based operating system, and being able to type and use MS Word for assignments will also be of importance.

You already have all the basic skills needed to return to College at your fingertips! Having faith in yourself and the ability to turn real world skills to use in the College environment will ensure success.