Basic Skills Needed to go Back to College

Any adult going back to school or college needs basic skills or pointers for going back to school/college. First, Goal directed/focus is crucial to get started on the right track. The student should know what they want, how to get the courses that fit their goals, and the time frame on finishing the courses. Most students don’t know what they want or how to get what they want. Thus, seeing a counselor to assist in developing skills to know how to assess how to get what one wants.

Second, enthusiasm/time management is another skill that is needed to completed the program/courses. Must be enthusiastic about the program being pursued, and wanting to complete the program on time to avoid taking extra time off work, and loosing income. Time management will also assist the student in preparing for studying, writing essays and hands on work experience. It is important the student manages his/her time in order that he/she can have time for themselves, for work, and to avoid stress.

Third, finances is a skill that is too often neglected when going back to college/school. It is crucial that a good assessment of ones finances is completed to know the cost of the program, books, travel, work, rent and food to determine if one can complete their studies on time. Also, where and how to get financing if it is needed.

Forth, access to a good computer or laptop to learn different programing skills, and use of the Internet because of the fact that most courses require the assignments to be emailed to the instructor. These four pointers could help students going back to school/college.

However, one must remember that taking courses or a program is a daunting task for older students who may have forgotten how to study, time management, and writing essays. Thus, for older students peer support is crucial. This where forming an association at a college for older students is needed to assist students in study techniques, help with assignments and moral support.

Lastly, support from family, friends, partner and employer which does not fall into the skills category, but will go a long way in boosting the student’s moral in completing his/her program.