Basic Skills Needed to go Back to College

What Are the Basic Skills You Will Need for Going Back to College?

You’re thinking of going back to college and wonder if you have the skills necessary for college today. If you can still do all the things you did in college when you were younger you probably have the skills needed for college today.

The most important skills needed for college today are writing skills, computer skills, and good study skills. Depending on what you have decided to major in there may be different skill requirements.

You will need good basic math skills if you are going into any kind of business program such as an MBA or Accounting. You will also need the writing skills and computer skills.

For most courses you will need good writing skills. Even Art programs want good writing skills. Art programs today focus on computer graphics and other art done on the computer, so that good computer graphics skills are necessary for the art student.

Writing skills are necessary for the papers you will be writing in college.

Good writing skills consist of grammar skills, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and sentence structure. You need to be able to write good paragraphs that include good punctuation and spelling.

It is always good to have good typing skills for use on the computer. It is easier to use your computer if you have learned typing skills rather than picking out words with one finger.

You should be computer literate and know Microsoft Office – Excel, Access, Power Point, and Word. MS Word is especially the most important program to know for good computer literacy for college.

Power Point is often used for doing presentations in college especially in the Masters and PhD programs.

Good study skills are necessary for every college course and program. You will need to study a lot more in a shorter space of time in college than you did in high school. So make sure you have good study skills. If you don’t have them and still want to go back to college it may be necessary to brush up on study skills.

Set aside time to read and go over what you read to see if you still have good reading comprehension. Learn to take notes. It is important to take notes in class for use in preparing for tests, since professors often teach from their own textbooks rather than from the textbook they assigned to you. The tests may be on subject matter from their lectures and subject matter from the textbook. Or the tests may be only from their lectures, or only from the assigned textbook.

Every professor has a different way of making up tests, so once in class you will have to discern the professor’s style and listen carefully to his testing criteria and study accordingly.

In conclusion the overall skills you will need for going back to college are good writing skills, good computer and typing skills, good math skills, and good study skills.