Basic Skills Needed to go Back to College

Re-entering the World of Education

Hello, my name is Patricia Danielewicz and I am an information junkie. My special weakness is current events and unsolved crimes.

I can’t get enough information, I am constantly making new Goggle alerts for current events, scouring CNN for reliable news, reading message boards and blogs of people may have some knowledge of these events. I spend most of my waking hours on my computer or watching true crime programs on TV. I’ve increased my library of crime televised shows by switching from cable to satellite.

No one was happier than I was when on January 1st, court TV turns into TruTv.

Not that I don’t watch court shows. I do. My addiction to this never satisfied thirst for knowledge stems back to my childhood. Mother always watched Perry Mason and Alfred Hitchcock.
I found the shows to be intriguing, and addicting.

My addiction to TV’s real life crime and justice started with “The People’s Court” back int he days of the honorable Judge Joseph Wapner. Today my DVR is set to record the series of all of these Judges:
Judge Judy
Marilyn Milian(People’s Court)
Jerry Sheindlin(older People’s Court/Judge Judy’s husband)
Judge Joe Brown
Judge Mablean Ephriam / Lynn Toler(Divorce Court)
Judge Hatchett
Judge Alex
Judge William Keene(Earlier episodes of Divorce Court)

My addiction does not end with true crime. I love Helium’s contest topics. I discovered that a part of me craves learning from things I never had an interest in before. The Helium contests give me so many suggestions for researching new fountains of knowledge.

Last week I entered the contests with a determination to place in the top 3. I looked at the subjects and was disappointed. None of them had anything to do with current events, crime or anything else I have knowledge in. So I picked 3 topics and began writing. It become like an addiction I have never known. I am now possess a great deal of knowledge about the 2008 new cars, snowboarding (which is odd since I hate winter) and Lo Carb dieting, which I have been successful within the past and need to do it again. The contests have not closed yet but it looks like I have taken the lead in snowboarding, again I have to stress how odd that is, I am a motorcycle rider but when it gets below 60 degrees, I am done. I am also placing in the top ranks of the other two subjects.

And this, my friend, is what it takes to return to education. A thirst for knowledge and the ambition to go after it.

Starting next week, I am taking an on-line course in criminal investigation. Not that I want to visit any crimes scenes and solve the puzzle. I faint at the sight of blood. I am taking the course to further educate myself on criminal investigation so I can write about it and share knowledge with others who hold the same interests.

And who knows, maybe I will solve a crime or two in the process.