Becoming a Medical Engineer

Every human being wants success; everybody wants the best that life can offer but only a few understands that there is a price to be paid for whatever we desire. Our successes in life depend upon how we organize and wisely direct the knowledge we have. Education is the knowledge of how to use the whole of one self and knowledge is not power until it is processed into the refined state of applied wisdom.

A good general education is the foundation is the foundation on which to build one’s career.
In my primary school days, my parents made me understand the importance of sound education, my goal then was to achieve secondary education, I was sent to a good secondary school and when I graduated, I was privileged to work in my uncle’s hospital, I cleaned the wards and rooms, assist the nurses but mostly I worked in the hospital laboratory with medical engineers.

Then, everyday, I see patients suffering from diseases, accidents victims and other human related problems, but I discovered that medical engineers are so important in the hospital just like every other medical professionals, if not for them, many lives would have been lost especially patients suffering from diseases. Medical engineers work with other health professionals including Doctors, Nurses, Therapist and so on, they design medical equipments needed to solve clinical problems. They provide advice on the selection and use of medical equipments as well as operating; supervising its performance and maintenance for the hospital use.

This interesting aspect of Medical profession has rekindled my interest to go for postsecondary program in medical engineering. This profession gives a wide scope of services, especially when dealing with helpless people who need help from their fellow human being.
It’s a mistake, however to confuse skill with education, a man who has been taught only to hold a job has not been educated, he has been trained and a man who has been merely trained is not qualify to take his place in a free society as fully participating citizen, therefore postsecondary program will equip me to face any challenges I may encounter in my profession as a Medical Engineer in future.

Medical engineers combine discipline of medicine and engineering to create a heady hybrid to be able to address clinical and medical issues with benefit of scientific engineering by analyzing and solving problems in health related fields, providing overall enhancements of healthcare such as manufacture of medical equipments and pharmaceutical drugs and so on.
With the completion of postsecondary program, my goal will be achieved; the urge in me will be fired to give my time, knowledge and services to help make this world a better place in which to live.

Achievement does not consist of fortune growth alone, many are deceived by believing that because their fortune is growing larger and larger, they are growing larger and lager also, whereas there is no successes, no achievements worthy of mention, unless there is a personal growth, mental enrichments and expansion.

I know the journey is still far but as an old saying has it “A journey well begun is half achieved”. Once I get my degree in Medical engineering, a profession which has the human race as its focus by applying advanced technology to the complex problems of medical care and also to promote understanding of physiological processes underlying diseases and the appropriate application of technology.

When I become a medical engineer, I hope to work in hospitals, in universities, in research faculties of educational and medical institutions, in government regulatory agencies, I hope to serve an interfacing function, using my background in medical and engineering fields to help save people’s lives. I hope to participate in direct research activities in collaboration with other researchers to bring out positive results, I want to create and design medical devices which will aid treatments of diseases. I also hope to work in hospitals by providing them with medical equipments, giving advice on the selection and their uses as well as supervising its performances testing and maintenance for the hospital use.
I want to go extra mile in the services which I will render to people, do better and work more than that for which I am paid, I also hope to assist helpless people because there is no success in this life unless our accomplishment are somehow channeled back into the mainstream of life to help others help themselves.

There are men and women who have succeeded in amassing large fortunes for themselves but they failed to plant within them the seed of helpfulness.They found wealth but failed to find success.
I am determined to find success in all I plan to do, firmly resolving to build in me the inner qualities, characters and personalities into worthy structures that will elevate mankind and move the world upwards.