Benefits of Distant Learning Earning a Masters Degree Online Earn a Masters Degree from Home

Many people are pursuing higher education in order to compete in competitive job markets and gain a wider range of better career opportunities. Earning a Master’s Degree through distance learning, offers students that added value and opportunity to advance their career. According to a news release published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the US Department of Labor, full-time workers age 25 and over without a high school diploma hold median weekly earnings of $448. Among college graduates with advanced degrees (professional or master’s degree and above), some workers weekly earnings are at $3,319 or more per week.


Distance learning offers several opportunities that differ from traditional classroom environments. Often times, students are faced with making choices between attending school and attending other commitments such as family and work. Distance learning offers students the opportunity to pursue career goals without risk or compromise to family or work life. Student have the flexibility and convenience of managing their schedules within the affixed times set by instructors for coursework to be completed. This experience provides great opportunity for students to learn or fine-tune their time management skills.


Distance learning courses are typically asynchronous, meaning there are no specified times or places for attendance. Students can attend any institution of choice from the comfort of their own home or location of choice access to a computer and the internet is available. Students are not bound to rural locations or over-crowded cities to attend class. Assignments can be completed and submitted from anywhere in the world without interference or conflict to personal or work schedules.


Most distance learning courses are instructor based, self paced learning. Distance learning offers both instructor support and peer support. Communication channels between student, instructor, and peers are made available through discussion boards, chat rooms, email, and phone. Distance learning creates opportunities for new relationships and the exchange of new ideas through peer groups. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the learning experience and engage with peer as much as possible.


The skills and knowledge gained during these interactive experiences are great resources to translate on resumes and skill based portfolios.


Distance learning offer students the added value of saving money since there are no room, board, or travel expenses. Distance learning offers students more opportunities to experience the innovation of technology and the freedom to access education from anywhere, anytime.