Benefits of doing a Project Management Concentration with your MBA

In the modern world it has become a necessity to work across countries and organizational boundaries. The field of project management is now widely regarded as being important in a bid to increase flexibility, cut down time and resources spent on a project.

Project management can best be defined as being the art of organizing the components of a stated goal from beginning to the end. Project management is used everyday in business it might be a marketing campaign or the construction of a high rise building.

Management of companies have to ensure that the project is successful and this can greatly be enhanced when managers learn about all the skills and knowledge of project management. One of the best ways of learning the art of project management is by studying for a MBA with a concentration in Project management. The major benefits of studying this are listed below.

1. If you complete a MBA with a concentration in Project Management one will have boasted career earnings. The probability is high that a company can hire you as a project Manager, Supervisor, coordinator or a scheduler. The website quotes the US Bureau of Labour statistics of Q4 2009 that shows MBA degree holders can earn an average $15 000 more than those with a bachelor’s degree.

2. The typical coursework for the MBA will consist of information technology, value analysis, management, financial control among other courses. This is a great benefit because Project Management is almost done in every sector of the economy. It would be an advantage for an engineer to learn business concepts which include accounting and financial control. The MBA in Project Management creates an all rounder Manager who is capable of working in every sector and everywhere in the world.

3. One of the chief benefits of studying for this MBA is that it will ensure that one acquires additional skills that would make a company more efficient. Project Managers ensure that specific jobs are met within a specified time line. So not only will one be able to learn and appreciate better interpersonal communication skills, you also have the chance of becoming a multi tasker, a visionary leader and a self starter. This will enhance the image of the company and you will get extra merit for your efforts.

4. The MBA with a concentration in project management gives you a solid platform where you can actually be an entrepreneur because of all the knowledge of the project cycle acquired. It will not be hard for some one with this qualification to start their own business.

5. Globalization has meant that a lot of companies are investing money away from home. This has meant there are a lot of projects that are being undertaken globally and these require project managers. So by studying for the MBA one can work anywhere in the world and this brings a number of monetary and non monetary benefits.

6. A Specialized MBA in project Management can make one develop plans using hands on methodology. Most of the degree course offer students the real chance of developing and tackling real world problems. This is good because by the time you finish the study it becomes easier to deal with problems at work.

By investing your money and time in studying for a MBA with concentration in Project Management one would have made a wise decision. The rewards of the study will manifest themselves over time in a number of positive ways that have been mentioned above.