Benefits of Living at Home during College

I remember when I was about to graduate from high school and go off to college. At 17 years old all you can think about is getting away from your parent and being on your own in a new state or new town surrounded by different people just waiting to break lose. I was one of those people when I graduated from high school I wanted to go to an college in a different state, get away from my parnets, meet new people, and be on my own.

When I started my junior year in high school and really started to look into different colleges that I was interested in my mom started to remind me that I could always stay home and go to school. She also gave me the thought of looking into colleges that were closer to home then 10 hours + away from home.

Of course my seinor year of high school came and it was that time to fill out the college applications and pay the application fees to them. At this time my mother sat down with me while I was filling out the applications. We went through the different colleges and looked at the tuition to each indiviually. One common thing among all of them was that the room and board was almost 2,000 dollars if not more for one semester. Also if you were out of state students then you would be paying double that if you were an in state student. Its like wow you have to pay over 2,000 dollars for one semester for cafateria food and a small room with one or more other people in that same room sharing it with you. Talking about privacy.

My mom of course kept insisting that I live at home and go to a closer to home college. I ended up going to one of the best colleges in the state that I am in which is maybe 10 min away from where I live at. Some of the benifits of staying at home while going to college is:

1.) I saved a lot of money staying at home and going to college. Instead of paying more then 2,000 dollars for a room and nasty cafiateria food I got to stay in my own bedroom for free. Plus, I got good home made food when I was hungry.

2.) Parking. When you go to college and stay on campus you have to pay like a 25 dollar regitration fee per semester. On top of that you have to pay for a pass to park on campus which can rang from a little to alot depending on the college. At home I got to park my car for free and didn’t have to worry about having to pay a registration fee or even have to worry about it getting hit in a parking lot at college.

3.) Quite. While at home I of course get privacy because I have my own room and don’t have to worry about a roommate but it is quite. I don’t have to worry about the other college students out in the hallway being loud or loud music playing from the dorm next door. Plus, I don’t have to get up and go to the library every time I need to study. I can actually study and hear myself think.

Of course there are other good benefits of staying at home while you go to college and there are also benefits of staying on campus also. But, the best thing to do is to weigh the pros and cons of both. Give staying home while you go to college a thought. With the economy the way it is now its actually not a bad idea. Just give it a thought the decision is yours. Good luck to you.