Benefits of Living at Home during College

Many students relish the idea of going off to college because it means autonomy, responsibility and a feeling of freedom. Other students opt to forego the independent living and opt to remain at home during their college years.

Whether or not you should live away from home during your college years is a very personal decision. What may be the right choice for one individual is all wrong for another.

For the student who feels more comfortable remaining at home while going to school there are many benefits to this decision. Of course there are some possible drawbacks, but for many students the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Here are a few of the primary benefits to living at home during college:

*Safety Net

Living at home often comes with a feeling of security. Students who opt to remain with their parents know they will always have a place to live. There are no worries about rent, landlords, roommates or other conflicts that often arise with living independently.

This doesn’t mean living at home is necessarily a free ride, but that sense of security felt when living amongst people you trust and love is a strong safety net. You know they’ll help catch you if you happen to fall.

*Low Cost

Independent living as a student is financially rough. Whether a student is living on campus or renting an apartment, this is going to significantly increase the cost of pursuing a college degree. Living at home provides a fantastic opportunity to save some money along the educational journey.

Living at home reduces upfront payments to be paid to the college or a landlord to secure living space and also decreases the amounts which may be owed in student loans later down the road.

*Family Support

When a student lives at home, the family support is often a strong advantage and a motivator to forego the dorm or apartment route. When a student goes off to college for the first time, often a severe sense of being alone accompanies this experience.

Remaining at home ensures familial support is only a room or two away and this often helps with the transition from high school to college. College is a new experience full of academic expectations and other challenges. A sense of stability and family support often helps alleviate these difficulties, especially that freshman year.

*Autonomy but not Alone

For the young college student living at home they can have a level of independence, but not feel alone or have as if there is no one to turn to. In this respect there is the best of both worlds.

Just because a student chooses to live at home doesn’t mean they give up all levels of independence and sense of privacy. Many students who live at home while starting college hold down a part time job and help contribute to the household.

There are many vast benefits to living at home during part of all of the college years. In addition to the tangible benefits, there is also a feeling of continuity. As one door closes, another opens and remaining at home is the perfect bridge to connecting the two.