Benefits of Living at Home during College

I remember when I was about to go to college, and the thought of finally being out of the grip of my parents was a welcoming though. Of course, I had always figured I was going to go to school really far away, maybe on the west coast, or at least a couple hours away. As I had gotten closer to actually choosing a school, I realized I hated driving, and the thought of long trips home from school on break made going to school close to home a friendlier option.

So, I settled on going to a school that was literally right down the street from my house. Its funny that I lived in a town of a few thousand people, but we had two really good schools right down the street from each other. With that being said, I knew that it made no sense to live on campus when I had my parents house right down the street.

For one, the cost of living at school was ridiculous, around 8,000 dollars a semester, and that was money I was not going to pay back. It was ridiculous to think that for a small room, and the luxury of having average cafeteria food, I was going to fork over that kind of cash. I could buy myself a small car for that much!

I thought I was going to regret living at home, and not meeting people on campus who seemingly were getting to know each other rather quickly. Well, I regretted that for all of a weekend, when not only did I meet people at commuter clubs, but I knew people from high school that I could hang out with for the time being until I made connections at the college. Having some familiar faces made the transition easier, and having them just come to my parents house to play madden, or whatever was a good way to keep steady in a quickly changing environment.

When I lived at home with my parents, I had it made when it came to living arrangements. My parents house had a finished basement, that had served as an office/sleeping area when previous owners designed it. That meant that there was a bedroom, kitchen, living room, and everything else that I needed to live on my own, plus my mom as a personal cook. Just kidding on that, although my mom did let me eat what I wanted, which was a huge plus in itself.

I didn’t really even spend too much time at home either. I would usually get to school at 10am, or whenever my classes started, and some nights not come home till 2am. There was always some club going on, or a get together on campus, or when I wasn’t doing that, I worked most nights till 10pm or later. I was living at home, but I wasn’t really living at home, I was doing my own thing and doing what I needed to do when I wanted to do it.

Living at home during college makes a lot of sense in some cases. If you are close to home, and can’t afford to spend more than you have too in school costs, live at home. It will save you thousands, and won’t cramp your style too much. You will still have school to run too if you get bored, or sick of your parents. On the other hand, you will have your own bed, and the comfort of home when you get sick of being at school.