Benefits of Living with a Stranger in College

Though living with a stranger in college might seem scary at first, it can actually prove to be quite beneficial. Chances are that, with time, you and your roommate will grow to be good friends. After all, you two will be in the same room for most of your college life, and natural instinct will tell you to befriend each other. There are things that you will learn in living with your roommate that will prepare you for real-life situations. True, these things might not prove to be all positive, but the negative things you encounter will just add to the aspects that you will learn to confront in the future.

Living with a stranger in college can be tough. You both hardly know each other, and may have different sets of likes and dislikes. You may have different friends and different interests. So how do you cope with all of these situations? Start by getting to know each other better. Really try to learn about the other person’s personality and way of being. This way you can know what things bother him or her and avoid doing them. You might find that you both actually share certain interests, such as music or a certain hobby. This can add to your relationship going off on a right start. Do make sure to tell your roommate about yourself as well, so he or she can have an idea about you too. In doing all of this, you are learning to communicate, a crucial skill in adult life.

Over time, you can expect to come in contact with difficult situations with your roommate. You two might argue over whatever the reason may be, and as a result end up trying to avoid contact with each other. Believe it or not, this can prove to be a beneficial thing for you. Why? Because chances are, you two will not stay mad at each other throughout the rest of college. You two will learn to overcome these hardships, and bounce back on the right track. Maybe an apology will be made. Maybe a compromise will be reached. Whatever the resolution may be, it will make you knowledgeable on how to overcome fights and how to reach solutions. This is why even the negative aspects of living with your roommatecan prove to be benefits for you instead. It may not seem so at the time, but you will come to realize in the future that they in fact were.