Benefits of Studying for a Social Sciences Degree

The social sciences include psychology, political science, geography, history, social work, and urban and regional planning. Earning a degree in the social sciences increases a person’s skills in logic and planning, behavioral analysis, and communication. A social sciences degree also indicates a thorough understanding of how societies function, where difficulties arise, and how they can best be managed. A glance at any newspaper or news program is clear indication that the demand for social sciences graduates can only increase.

The biggest benefit, besides marketability, to a social sciences degree is how the skills learned can be applied to nearly every aspect of a person’s life. Introductory coursework for a social sciences degree includes public speaking, basic psychology, economics, anthropology, and history. These courses teach basic skills in talking with others effectively, understanding how and why people do what they do, and interacting with others in the marketplace. These skills are valuable professionally, personally, and socially.

Personally, having good communication and negotiation skills can save friendships and marriages. Having good economic sense and abilities can help a person live within their means and to save and invest more effectively and responsibly. A basic working knowledge of history and anthropology provides a context within which to view the current events of the day.

Professionally, a social sciences degree can be applied to a wide variety of job opportunities. Law, trade, politics, community planning, and project management all come into play for nearly every business around the world. A degree in social sciences can create professional opportunities where a narrower, hard science type degree may have more limited applications. As populations increase and resource management becomes more crucial, the demand for social sciences graduates will continue to rise, making this a lucrative way to earn a living while helping to improve quality of life for many.

Socially, social sciences degrees offers coursework that apply to  nearly every social interaction one could imagine. Social sciences graduates are able to present themselves as knowledgeable, communicative, and understanding. With a social sciences degree, graduates are better able to negotiate productive compromises, plan more efficient and effective courses of action, and retain the perspective that comes with a wide, historical perspective on the human condition. These traits are admirable and useful in any social situation.

In today’s global economy, a social sciences degree provides the knowledge base, communication skills, and human understanding that can lead to a successful career in law, commerce, and community development, as well as success socially and personally.