Best Advice for the College Graduate

The formal education train has pulled into the station and it’s the last stop. You have your degree. Soon, you’ll be stepping off of this train and into another world called the work world. How do you get that job?

In college, your competitiveness was graded mostly on standard testing. In the work world you will compete based on your knowledge and skills, but also in how well you can present yourself.

The best advice for the new college graduate who is looking for his first full time, pay the bills type of job, is to develop a winning resume. A resume is the tool that will get your foot in the door and get the interview for you. If you have the financial means, it is a good idea to get professional help with your first resume.

A professional resume will present you in the best light. Professionals resume preparers know how to create dynamic resumes using action words that catch the attention of the professionals in the industry that you seek. Once you have paid for the basic resume, you can load it onto your own computer so that you can update it as you progress or target it to a specific job that you desire.

If you decide to write your own from resume software, make sure it is attractive, dynamic and lists all work and leadership positions. Include both your skills and assets along with your newly acquired degree. Read the Jobs section or online jobs and become familiar with the type of action words used in the want ads and incorporate them into your own resume.

Professional job counselors say that for every 100 resumes sent, you can expect 4 responses. You can increase those odds significantly with a super resume. My resume usually gets one to two responses for every 10 that I send out. I’m no smarter or more capable than any one else, but I have learned how to target the industries in a way that gets their attention. As a manager, I read many resumes and the dynamic resumes always stand out from the rest.

Job hunting is a full time job in and of itself. Put your best effort into the process.