Best Advice for the College Graduate

“Do your best”

“This is it! focus”

” Choose something you know you’ll enjoy studying”

These are all pieces of advice that every college student or soon to be or new college student has heard at least once. Others include the phrases :

“Ask for help” or “Do not be afraid to be yourself” 

As hard as it is to believe every student will need to hear at least these comments once for them to have the confidence that they need to keep going or start college. The best advice for a college graduate however, sounds more like the type of advice any adults gets whenever they are facing a new obstacle in their lives that they have never been through before:

“just take everyday, one day at a time” And ” know what your options are” 

Even though the person itself may not be in that much trouble or may have all of the options in the world, it can be hard for a college graduate to see it this way if they are fresh out of college with all of the knowledge that they may need to survive, but no leads on any jobs, or jobs offers.These are always extremely hard things to think about and even harder when a young adult is facing them completely alone. For some this is not the hardest thing to face, because most college graduates have the immense support from their parents and also all of the time that they may need to find a job or an internship to help them get through the first year or so after they finish college. 

This is a very helpful place to start whenever a person does not know what their options are when they are done with school but at the same time, they cannot find a job after college. Internships usually provide the level of education and help the person use the knowledge that they require in order for them to move up in the business level. Although the pay is low, and there is a lot of work for several internships, the person may need to start from this point to get to the level of success that they need to get.

If the fresh college graduate is having a harder time finding a job than regularly then making a job or finding ways to contribute to society such as investments or making up a business may just be the way to go. There is nothing wrong with making a business if the person thinks that they can handle it.