Best Business Schools in the UK

The United Kingdom is home to some of the most highly acclaimed business schools in the world. Those who pursue an MBA from some of these most prestigious schools have the opportunity to be head hunted by top companies and command some of the highest salaries in the world. The Financial Times annual global rankings of business schools for 2010 placed ten UK business schools in the top fifty one, with the London Business School taking the prized accolade of the best school globally, surpassing Wharton, Harvard and Stanford.

Global rankings from the Financial Times for the other top UK business schools are:

16th: Said Business School, University of Oxford

21st: Judge Institute of Management, University of Cambridge

24th: Lancaster University Management School

26th: Cranford School of Management

32nd: Imperial College Business School

40th: Manchester Business School

41st: Cass Business School, London

43rd: Warwick Business School

51st: University of Strathclyde Business School

Typically, post-graduates gain several years of work experience before embarking on a Master of Business Administration at a UK business school. Some schools impose a minimum age requirement of twenty five. Courses usually range from one to two years, with one year being the norm. Work study can be intense, but the rewards are great for those who successfully complete their MBA.

It is expensive to attend business school with average costs in the region of £15,000 for a one year course. Schools which attract a high degree of international students can be invaluable in building a good contact base for future dealings in international business. Individuals who pursue an education at one of the best UK business schools may often be placed by a company that already employs them and recognizes their potential. Companies want to further develop the business acumen and leadership qualities it recognizes.

Those who need to bear their own costs of attending business school will find a number of scholarships available to assist with expenses. The London Business School provides some scholarships for deserving students. Living costs outside the capital are lower, which may be a consideration.

The MBA initiative scheme began in 1997 and it offers any student who has studied at one of the top 50 business schools globally the opportunity to work in the UK for twelve months. Thus, international students who choose to attend a UK business school are ideally placed for continuing to work and develop business contacts after graduation.

Sources: rankings FT