Best MBA Programs for a Career in Marketing

An MBA can open doors to your dream job. A Master in Business Administration increases your expertise and value as a manager, opening up higher-level, higher-paying jobs.
Most MBA candidates already have several years of work experience and know what they want to focus on as their career. If you would like to focus on a marketing career, you should choose a program that offers a focus in marketing.
According to US News and World Report rankings, the top three MBA programs with a specialty in marketing are Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, and Duke University.
Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business is ranked number one among MBA’s with a specialty in marketing. Located in Evanston, IL, Northwestern is ranked high by Princeton Review for its service-learning programs and community work.
The Kellogg MBA has a two-year program that consists of nine core courses which cover basic areas of business such as accounting, statistics, and management. On top of these courses, the students may then choose from over 200 business courses to complete their education.
They offer a one-year option for students who have already taken similar classes to the required core.
For two-year students, the current tuition per year is $43,935, while for one-year students the tuition is $58,580.
The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business also offers about 200 classes to choose from for electives. They offer 19 specializationsamong them is Marketing.
The tuition and fees for 2007-2008 are $47,236. Like Kellogg, Wharton offers a two-year program. The first year covers core courses, and the second year covers your electives.
Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business is third on the list of top MBA’s with a specialization in Marketing.
Fuqua is interesting because they teach classes in six-week terms. This allows you to fit more classes into a semester.
You will be able to take some elective classes during your first year, as opposed to just core classes like the other programs.
The currently estimated tuition and fees of this MBA is $41,670 per year.