Best Medical Colleges in the us

The U.S. is fortunate to be home to some of the best medical schools in the world. Of course, the best medical school for the student is relative to the field of medical study chosen by the student.

On March 14, 2011, Robert Morse and Sam Flanigan published in an article “Medical School Rankings Methodology,” explaining the process used in determining how the best medical schools were ranked.

Of the 126 medical schools fully accredited in 2010, and the 20 schools of osteopathic medicine fully accredited, 123 of these schools provided the data necessary to calculate research rankings based on indicators used in the medical school research model. The same schools were surveyed for rankings in primary care. The medical school research model used a weighted average of eight indicators; the primary care model was based on seven, while both the research and primary care ranking models have four of the data indicators in common.

Based on the categories and the data received, this is how the medical colleges ranked.


#1 Harvard Medical School – located in Boston MA., it has a total medical school enrollment of 725 students and tuition of $45,050. The students are divided into four academic societies, giving team – based learning under faculty supervision.

Students at Harvard Medical School study for two years before they begin clinicals, and instead of a letter grade, students are graded on a pass/fail scale. These students have a choice of nearly 20 affiliated institutions in which to do clinicals.

#2 University of Pennsylvania – located in Philadelphia, PA., it has a total medical school enrollment of 608 students and tuition of $43,960.

Students have six different modules to learn through, many times in smaller groups that emphasize leadership and teamwork for physicians. Students can get hands – on experience through one of the hands – on facilities, or get involved in more than 50 centers and institutes in the area.

Primary Care

#1 University of Washington – located in Seattle, WA., it has a total medical school enrollment of 926 students, and a tuition of $23,049 for in – state, and $52.029 for out of state students.

As students enter the University of Washington School of Medicine, they are divided into one of six colleges, each with its own mentors that counsel the students throughout their four years. The MD Minstrels and the Christian Medical and Dental Association are just two of the approximately 50 student organizations that students are encouraged to check out.

#2 University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill – located in Chapel Hill, NC., it has a total medical school enrollment of 753 students, and a tuition of $12,557 for in – state, and $36,955 for out of state students.

Students are given the opportunity to enhance their studies by taking summer classes, and are given opportunities to study abroad. There are more than 50 student organizations and community service groups for the medical students to involve themselves in, and the School of Medicine operates more than 30 specialized centers including AIDS Research and the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies.


#1 University of California – San Francisco – located in San Francisco, CA., it has a total medical school enrollment of 618 students, and a tuition of $0 for in – state, and $12,245 for out of state students.

Students must complete two years of block courses before doing their one year of clerkship and one year of clinicals. Students can do their clinicals at hospitals on campus, or at different places throughout the city.

#2 Johns Hopkins University – located in Baltimore, MD., it has a total medical school enrollment of 463 students, and a tuition of $41,200.

The school receives a large amount of money for research from different organizations, one of which is the National Institutes of Health, and runs leading research centers such as the Brain Science Institute and the Institute of Genetic Medicine.

Substance Abuse

#1 Yale School of Medicine – located in New Haven, CT., it has a total medical school enrollment of 382 students, and a tuition of $45,600.

For the first two years of their education medical students are not given grades or class rankings, and many times preclinical classes are given in which attendance is not taken and tests are optional. This is done in order to encourage students to take responsibility for their medical education. All medical students must complete a thesis on original research in order to graduate.

#2 Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons – located in New York, NY., it has a total of 638 students and a tuition of $46,212.

The four – year medical school curriculum taught at other medical schools is not followed here. Instead, the education is divided into three parts – Fundamentals, which lasts a year and a half, Major Clinical Year, and Refresher courses and projects.

There are also medical colleges that are ranked for their studies in geriatrics, family medicine and other specialized fields. The best medical college to attend would be determined by the field of study chosen by the student.