Best Snack Foods

If you want to keep vermin out of your sleeping space, never dispose of food of any kind in your dorm room trash can. In addition, don’t throw the wrappers or packaging from food in your dorm room trash cans. If you have a friend that likes to toss half eaten gooey food in your waste basket, he is not a true friend. Lose him and get another.

As in all things nutritional, veggies and fruits are the best. However munching on celery is such a tasteless experience that it’s like chewing cardboard. And unless you want your “funny” friend to say “What’s up Doc” to you 24/7, walking around with a carrot in your mouth is also not recommended.

So go with the old stand by, Gala apples. Why Gala? Try some Granny Smiths, some MacIntosh’s and whatever other kind of apple you care to. I contend that Galas are the best tasting apple. If you like something else then go with it. Don’t buy more than one bag of apples. They are perishable and you are not building an emergency bunker to survive world war three, so don’t go overboard. Speaking of survivalists, there is one kind of survival food that isn’t a bad idea. Dried fruit. Try not to get the kind that swimming in Sulfur Dioxide preservative, unless your tongue needs a chemical bath.

Avoid industrial strength, nuclear blast foods. Foods like potato chips and crackers may seem ideal since they can take the punishment of being in cold and hot environments and don’t need refrigeration. But they carry no natural nutritional value and they will make you prematurely fat.

Another type of food that seems like a natural is an energy bar. For the most part you should avoid energy bars. Just as chips are packed with more salt than you would ever need, energy bars are often packed with more sugar and weird chemicals than you would ever need. When you are thinking of buying snack bars for food on the go, it is important to do your homework. Read the label while you are still in the grocery store. If the first thing on the label is corn syrup, drop the bar, slowly back and away, and run for your life. There is no minimum daily requirement for refined sugar. Also flee food that contains as the first listed ingredient fructose, dextrose, sucrose, or sugar. You don’t need it. Consider buying some fruit, nuts, and oats and making your own trail mix.

Soda is one of the leading causes of fat in the western world. Sweetened drinks contain stealth calories that sneak up on you and hang around your waist. Drinking water is your best bet. Unsweetened tea or coffee is alright. Tomato juice is okay. If you drink fruit juices sparingly it won’t kill you but read he label and make sure they didn’t put any corn syrup, fructose or extra sugar in there.