Best Study Habits and Time Management Techniques

Do you ever feel like studying for hours is not getting you anywhere? Is all the information just to much for you to comprehend all in a matter of few hours? The reason for these feeling may be the fact that you are not doing it in a most beneficial manner. Don’t worry thought, in just a few easy to follow steps anyone that is enthusiastic to learn and shows the right attitude can do it. Here is how.

1. Manage you time correctly. Always make sure you have more than enough time to study your material. This will ensure that you have time to take breaks and in case you get stuck you will be able to take more time to review that particular material with which you are struggling with. The time you make for studying has to be uninterrupted, you can however have music on if it helps you concentrate better. Try to study during the day verses at night. Study for 50 minutes and than take breaks for 10 minutes.

2. Study hard material first. Spend more time on your harder material and than when you feel you have review it and studied it enough move on to the easier subjects. This will ensure that you have enough energy and concentration for the hard subjects. Also, it is a good idea to study for example English and than math instead of English and than German. This way you don’t mix up information and keep interesting.

3. Study actively. Don’t just sit and read your notes or your textbook. Make note cards, ask yourself questions, quiz yourself or discuss your material with peers. Study groups are always a good idea if you are able to concentrate even when with friends. Changing your set will help also, as long as you keep moving and keep it fresh. This ensures that you maintain your concentration. Don’t however get to preoccupied with your surroundings.