Best Words of Advice for the College Graduate

You should be very proud of yourself with successfully completing your college education and earning the degree you worked hard for. Now it is time to break into your career field. This can feel a bit overwhelming to say the least. Here are several concrete actions you can take to begin the process. You will need to start with your career research by choosing companies or organizations you would like to work with. Contact the companies human relations department and request some literature about each one be sent to you. Write a resume or revise an old one. It is important to always have an up-dated resume on hand. Start or expand your portfolio. Some items to include in your portfolio are writing samples. letters of recommendation, honor certificates, work samples from internships and anything else that reflect your accomplishments and skills. Many students work for a year or two before going to graduate school. This is really a personal decision and one you will need to determine for yourself.

Work on getting your wardrobe together. This way you will be ready when you are contacted for a job interview. Refresh yourself on table manners, phone and spelling etiquette. Start doing a lot of networking and attend informational interviews. It is a good idea to start this before you actually graduate. This is a good way to make valuable contacts. Look into student memberships in professional associations in career fields that interest you. These hold a lot of opportunity in order to help you make your career field choice. Job fairs and career panels are when alumni returns to the campus to speak about their jobs. Be sure to attend career-related events since they offer opportunity to ask questions you may have. The events are also an excellent time to hear what different fields are really like from people who are working in them. Now is the time to work on self-improvement. Perhaps there is skill you have which needs a bit of improvement or the career field you are most interested in requires a skill you have not learned. Now is a great time to do what is necessary for you to acquire and perfect the skill. 

Searching for work is not always easy. If you run into some discouraging moments, take a deep breath and keep going. A whole new life is beginning for you since you have graduated from college. You have made lots of friends, learned valuable skills and had quite a bit of fun. Now it is time to move forward to your next great adventure.