Best Words of Advice for the College Graduate

Congratulations! You have graduated college and now it is time to figure out what you are going to do with the rest of your life, if you have not already. With a few pieces of advice, be forewarned that these will sound similar to ideas given to the high school graduates. You will have a few more responsibilities than they do however, after all, you are a few years older.

1. Get a Job. Being a recent grad, this is definitely easier said than done. You will often either find a weird combination of part time jobs, with only one of them relating to your major/minor in any form or fashion, or you will find a full time job that has nothing to do with what you studied, but yet it is a job and a good stepping stone until you find something closer to what you are looking for. It is a rare day for a recent grad to find the exact job they are looking for right out of college. Do not get discouraged though, almost everyone starts at the bottom.

2. Go to school. OK. So you just finished college and this is not what you want to hear. However, you should always be learning, regardless of where you are in life. Take a class about something you are interested in, like photography, or other form of interest. There are also times that you could get an employer to help pay for a class that will help with your specific job description, but make sure you research those details thoroughly. Do not be afraid to ask.

3. Have Fun. Yes you have just joined the real world, and you must enter the work force. However, you are still young. Do not have too much fun that will get you in trouble financially or at work, but do not be to serious yet. You still have a long way to go in life, if you make it a habit to enjoy it now and still stay within your budget and realistic expectations, you will stay happier longer.

Always keep your expectations high, but do not be scared to start at the bottom if need be. Always keep learning, and do not forget to have fun and enjoy life. If you do not, the years spent in college were almost completely wasted. Sometimes life is about learning more than what that sheet of paper received at grad says you learned.